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Customizable Catalog

Step 1: Place an Order
Step 2: Get a Quote

Our catalog boasts many popular labware items that you may directly purchase as shown on the catalog.


If you like a product but need something that’s just right for a specific application, let us know! We’ll make changes to fit your needs.


Now that we know exactly what you want, we’ll redesign the product and we’ll ship it right to you.

Step 3: Receive Your Item

Brick Labware hosts a large array of labware products which can all be tailored to your specific needs. From small tweaks to large scale redesigns, our catalog is at your disposal.

Step 1: Choose an Engineering Service

We provide long term engineering support in the form of our weekly priced engineering design services or session based support through one, two or three consultations.

Step 2: Purchase an Engineering Service

If you've chosen our engineering design services we will schedule the first free consultation. After this consultation we will provide you with time and cost estimate.

Image by Jud Mackrill
Step 3: Making Your Idea Come to Life

Schedule regular meetings with our on-staff engineer to assess the progress made and the direction the project is taking. You may choose to work side by side with our engineers or let them take the reins and see your ideas grow.


Here at Brick Labware we help you with your project at any stage of development, from a napkin drawing to a nearly complete design. Our engineering services range from simple consultations to long term project and product development. Work alongside our on-staff engineers or ask us to develop solutions for you independently.

Engineering Services

ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer_edited.jpg

Rapid Prototyping

Need a tool or device manufacture that you yourself have designed? We’ll take your design and make it for you. We even offer model optimization services so your design will be 100% 3D printer friendly. 

Step 1: Provide Specs
Step 2: Get a Quote
Step 3: Make and Mail Design

Let us know what kind of print you want. We also offer optimization services so you can get the greatest value for your print.


We are now ready to receive your file. The file will be assessed and we'll send you a quote.


Before you know it, you’ll have your product or design in your hands!



10601 Clarence Dr. Suite 250, Frisco TX 75033

+1 (214) 869-4758

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